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Glareola pratincola

Glareola pratincola f. In birds of the world ( j. Glareola pratincola taxonomy id: for references in articles please use ncbi: txid43316) current name. Cornell lab of ornithology, ithaca, ny, usa. ( ) : soustava a české názvosloví ptáků světa, muzeum komenského v přerově.

В україні гніздовий, перелітний птах. Binomial name: glareola pratincola, carolus linnaeus, 1766. Glareola pratincola ( linnaeus, 1766) in gbif secretariat ( ). Una ning gihulagway ni linnaeus ni adtong 1766. The collared pratincole ( glareola pratincola), also known as the common pratincole or red- winged pratincole, is a wader in the pratincole family, glareolidae. Scientific: glareola ( pratincola) maldivarum, glareola maldivarum, glareola maldivarus, glareola malidivarum, glareola ' pratincola parryi lithuanian: rytinė dirvakregždė, rytinė kregždūnė latvian: austrumu bezdelīgtārtiņš malayalam: വലി യ മീ വൽക് കാ ട mongolian: ухаа сугат хөгт, ухаа хөгт. Madagascar pratincole ( glareola ocularis), version 1.

See more videos for glareola pratincola. Glareola pratincola collared pratincole. La glareola pratincola son muy agresivas con los depredadores que se acercan a una colonia y las persiguen hasta lo que dejan en el sitio de cría. Is lapaire é an pratancól muinceach ( glareola pratincola), san fhine glareolidae, tá sé. Collared pratincole glareola pratincola, ad breed bif2581,, carmona, spain, martin grimm. De juana, editors). Glareola pratincola pratincola ( linnaeus, 1766) view list of all occurrence records for this taxon ( [ counting] records) view map of.

Collared pratincole glareola pratincola, ad trans bif2582,, besh barmag, azerbaijan, michael heiß. Adult is warm gray- brown with an elegant " necklace" and red bill base. As with other pratincoles, it is native to the old world. Maldivarum – g. Animalia: information ( 1) animalia: picturesanimalia: specimens ( 7109). Click here for more information about the red list categories and criteria justification of red list category this species has an extremely large range, and hence does not approach the thresholds for vulnerable under the range size criterion ( extent of occurrence < 20, 000 km 2 combined with a declining or fluctuating range size, habitat extent/ quality, or population size and a small number of. Jump to navigation jump to search. Para evitar el pisoteo de los nidos por parte del ganado, adoptan una posición intimidación o simulación de una lesión que desvía la trayectoria del intruso y evita el nido.

Established in 1964, the iucn red list of threatened species has evolved to become the world’ s most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species. Glareola is a genus of birds in the family glareolidae. 2 all ranks domain kingdom subkingdom phylum subphylum superclass class subclass infraclass superorder order suborder infraorder superfamily family subfamily tribe subtribe genus subgenus species subspecies variety group ( polytypic) group ( monotypic) species split life sp. Intra- specific hybrid. Ang glareola pratincola sakop sa kahenera nga glareola, ug kabanay nga glareolidae. Collared pratincole ( glareola pratincola) flight_ 1918. Glareola pratincola - - ( linnaeus, 1766) animalia - - chordata - - aves - - charadriiformes - - glareolidae common names: collared pratincole; common pratincole; glaréole à collier european red list assessment european red list status lc - - least concern, ( iucn version 3.

Glareola pratincola - - ( linnaeus, 1766) animalia - - chordata - - aves - - charadriiformes - - glareolidae common names: collared pratincole; common pratincole; glaréole à collier european red list assessment european red list status lc - - least concern, ( iucn version 3. Subspecific information 2 subspecies glareola pratincola pratincola ( s europe and n africa to pakistan). Appearance: slightly smaller than golden plover with much slender appearance. Glareola pratincola ( linnaeus, 1766) – collared pratincole, glaréole à collier : direct children: subspecies: glareola pratincola erlangeri neumann, 1920 subspecies: glareola pratincola fuelleborni neumann, 1910 subspecies: glareola pratincola pratincola ( linnaeus, 1766) subspecies: glareola pratincola riparia clancey, 1979. Elegant, agile flier that looks like a cross between a plover and a swallow. Glareola pratincola taxonomy version: ioc 10. Collared pratincole glareola pratincola, ad breed bif2583,, besh barmag, azerbaijan, michael heiß. Дерихві́ ст лучни́ й ( glareola pratincola) — птах ряду сивкоподібні ( charadriiformes), один з видів політипного роду; один з 2- х видів у фауні україни. Glareola pratincola) con su aspecto de enorme golondrina, la canastera es una de nuestras limícolas más singulares, ya que ha desarrollado una particular técnica de alimentación, consistente en la persecución de invertebrados aéreos, que se parece notablemente a la utilizada por vencejos, aviones y golondrinas. From wikispecies. Wikimedia commons.

Wikipedia ; glareola pratincola on wikispecies. Wikispecies ; glareola pratincola on wikimedia commons. Kingdom animalia animals. Use our free mobile apps to identify images and record your.

Only likely to be confused with other pratincoles, but diagnostic field marks often difficult to see. Find what you need at booking. Kaliwatan sa kanawayon ang glareola pratincola. Well- formed: y recommended: y nbn id code: nbnsys. Taxonavigation: charadrii. Collared pratincole ( glareola pratincola) is a species of bird in the glareolidae family.

Fiche d' identification : glaréole à collier ( glareola pratincola) est un oiseau qui appartient à la famille des glaréolidés et à l' ordre des charadriiformes. 1) assessment information year published: date assessed:. [ 5] [ 6] ginklasipika han iucn an species komo diri gud kababarak- an. An glareola pratincola in nahilalakip ha genus nga glareola, ngan familia nga glareolidae. Spain - andalucia ( esjorrit vlot mobile apps. The pratincoles are a group of birds consisting of the seven species of this genus and the australian pratincole, the only species of the genus stiltia. Collared pratincole - glareola pratincola. This pratincole is 24– 28 cm ( 9. Familia: glareolidae subfamilia: glareolinae genus: glareola species: g. A taxonomic species within the family glareolidae – collared pratincole. The collared pratincole or common pratincole ( glareola pratincola) is a wader in the pratincole family, glareolidae.

Glareola pratincola ( linnaeus, 1766). Glareola pratincola. Collared pratincole ( glareola pratincola), version 1. Glareola pratincola linnaeus, 1766: dáileadh glareola pratincola. Learn all about collared pratincole ( glareola pratincola) with data like local name, habitat, food, breeding and more only on birds of gujarat.

Glareola pratincola on wikipedia. Iucn: glareola pratincola ( linnaeus, old web site) ( least concern). ( ) : slovník historických českých názvů ptáků, česká společnost ornitologická [ as glareola pratincola ]. Com, the biggest travel site in the world. An glareola pratincola in uska species han aves nga syahan ginhulagway ni linnaeus hadton 1766. Juvenile is grayer, with white- fringed feathers. Choose from a wide range of properties which booking.

About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators. Glareola pratincola with the common name collared pratincole, belongs to the birds group it is geographically distrubuted among the following countries/ areas: albania. [ as glareola pratincola ( linnaeus, 1766) ] hudec k.

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